Creative Work


July 2018

water/skin is the first of a three part series. The work examines moment to moment experiences, asking the performers to explore shifting roles for one another. Original sound by Patrick Quigley and lights by Johan Godwalt. The piece premiered as part of the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival 2018 at LangLab South Bend. Performed by Jeff Wallace and Hannah Fischer. 

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The Listening
May 2018

The Listening is an immersive, evening length dance performance. Fischer Dance blends collected stories from South Bend with in-depth research on listening and the body. Pivotal moments, timelines, secrets, and structures of support emerge as recurring themes throughout the evening. Audience members move through the industrial space with the dancers, led by a guide with opportunities to self-direct through the space.   

Composer Patrick Quigley accompanies the dancers live for the performance. Modular lighting design by Johan Godwalt, custom costumes by Jennifer Stevens. This performance made possible with support from the Indiana Arts Commission and Matthews, LLC. 


March 2018

Fischer Dance presents a dance-for-camera series in collaboration with Corlanthum/Alyssa Neece and Sailbear/Patrick Quigley. Read more and watch the whole series here.  


January 2018

Fischer Dance presents international guest artist Terri Hron. The company introduces her evening length work with an accompanying piece, First Flight. 

Nesting for Web.jpg

Nesting is Terri Hron’s third Bird on a Wire solo project. In 2010, Terri began clearing brush and cleaning a small stand of forest on Île Audet, a small island on a lake in the Appalachian hills of Quebec, in an effort to improve the health and accessibility. As a way to deal with the deadfall and refuse material, she started making nest-like structures in the woods, as invitations for wildlife both real and mythical. In 2013, she invited a number of artists to come and interact with these structures, recording and collecting these activities. Finally in 2016, she collaborated with three choreographers – Lina Cruz, Hannah Fischer and Adam Kinner – to create a set of pieces woven together with the strands and memories that had been collected, bringing the wild life of the forest onto the stage. While there is no narrative, the pieces connect through their roots on the island, each highlighting a different physical and emotional connection to the environment, to our stewardship of it and the inspiration it brings.

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Small batch
December 2017

Audiences are invited to create a new dance piece with the company each night, engaging in discussions on intention, choices, and relationship. Audience sizes are limited per performance, and the 'batch' of dancers rotates throughout the series.

Each evening is directed and moderated by artistic director Hannah Fischer. Expanding on the success of 'talkbacks' after each performance by Fischer Dance, audience members engage with the development and dynamics of building a new dance piece. The performers are joined by company composer Patrick Quigley, who responds to audience direction and contributes to the atmosphere, timing, and quality of each piece. 

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JUNE 2017

Each night of this concert is different based on audience feedback. TAKE ME WITH YOU explores a sense of displacement, child-like curiosity, democracy, and otherworldly experiences. Company composer Patrick Quigley joins Fischer Dance on stage as they journey through worlds of aimlessness and opportunity. Quirky and thoughtful, TAKE ME WITH YOU invites the audience to examine their sense of purpose in a highly-driven world.

This performance made possible by partial funding through the Margaret Hill Endowment Series at Saint Mary's College and the Department of Communication, Dance, and Theater. Each performance is followed by a Q&A with the company and crew.


lucky, liar, loser
April 2017

Lucky, Liar, Loser is a new play written by Casey Whitaker and developed in collaboration with Fischer Dance.

Casey Whitaker is the 2017 Saint Mary's College Margaret M. Hill Endowed Visiting Artist. Her interdisciplinary play grapples with violence against women through short, thoughtful, and punchy sketch scenes. Dance theater and modern dance are written into the script, mixed with traditional theater and projection. Fischer Dance is working with Saint Mary's College and Casey Whitaker to bring women's voices to life on stage.



MERCY/SHELTER explores ideas of borders and belonging. Visual narratives and questions are presented through modern dance, live electronic music, video mapping, and spoken word. Audience seating is limited because this performance migrates through the historical JC Lauber Building. Each immersive performance is followed by a brief Q&A with the performers and contributors.



May - July 2016

Fischer Dance teamed up with our friends at the Birdsell Project to present this three part series in Summer 2016. Works In Progress aims to connect our community through a series of mixer-turned-dance-parties. We seek to activate our community through new conversations, new connections, and the dance floor. 

We believe art is activism. At Works in Progress, people engage with South Bend's vibrant community of artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, thinkers, and movers from all walks of life. 

This all-ages event brings in 2-3 different visual artists each month to work live throughout the night, as well as a live band and DJ. You might find a local food truck parked in our venue, the historical JC Lauber Building, in addition to a coffee and beer bar. The night kicks off with a discussion on the state of the arts in South Bend. Fischer Dance might share some of our latest work, or maybe we will get down on the dance floor.  


ongoing 2016-2018

Photo from Lab with Leverage Dance Theater in St. Louis, MO. 

Photo from Lab with Leverage Dance Theater in St. Louis, MO. 

The Movement Lab is a place to create and connect. While in the lab, we have verbal and physical conversations. The verbal conversations contextualize our movement exploration, guided through structured improvisation and movement games. We work individually, in pairs, and as a group. Throughout the lab, the director 'catches' ideas from the group that might make their way to the stage. Each day we will end with small set phrases/duets that can be remembered for the next week. 

In the Movement Lab, we hope to address tough issues through movement. We believe that dance has the ability to transform individuals, and thereby communities. Examples of topics include: power, pacifism/military action, and immigration. Nothing is off limits. The company is committed to an inclusive and respectful environment in the face of disagreement. Creative Rights belong to Hannah Fischer, programming may only be used with permission. 

July 2014-June 2015

When We Were There is Fischer Dance's first evening-length concert. It explores the way we embody memory and re-experience our own life narratives. Highlighting how our recollections shift over time and are impacted by “missed connections”, this concert utilizes modern dance, theater, live sound and video projection to evoke lost memories. 

When We Where There is not a story, but has narrative elements. It is not literal, but asks questions concerning power dynamics, generations, and gender. This concert highlights a core company of four performers and a community cast of seven performers, representing a true cross-section of South Bend. 

As an audience member, you are invited to engage with your true self, your most protected memories, your darkest moments, your brightest days, and to ask yourself how these inform your decisions and relationships.

When We Were There premiered in December 2014. It had a 3 performance run in South Bend, IN and toured to St. Louis, MO for a weekend of performances.