a dance film series for South Bend, by South Bend. Join us as we re-envision the spaces, places, and architecture of our city.

A note from the director:
Holding Space was an experiment. What began as a vision to try our hand at short, concise dance works has evolved into a cohesive body of work capturing complexities, textures, and relationships in less than five minutes. The creative team, Patrick Quigley, Alyssa Neece, Chloe Woggon, and I have developed the work through in depth collaborations with each other and our performers. In this series, you will see 30 community cast members perform alongside the company, and hear 4 musicians collaborate with our company composer, Patrick Quigley/Sailbear. Cinematographer Alyssa Neece/Corlanthum expertly crafts and shapes this diverse series with her own distinct voice. I am privileged to work with incredible collaborators who are willing to invest in a future of possibility for South Bend. Enjoy! 

Hannah Fischer
Artistic Director