Take Me With You. Each night of this concert ends differently based on an audience vote before the show begins. The three options are 'Leave', 'Stay', or 'Go Back'. TAKE ME WITH YOU explores a sense of displacement, child-like curiosity, democracy, and otherworldly experiences. Company composer Patrick Quigley joins Fischer Dance on stage as they journey through worlds of aimlessness and opportunity. Quirky and thoughtful, TAKE ME WITH YOU invites the audience to examine their sense of purpose in a highly-driven world.


MERCY/SHELTER explores ideas of borders and belonging. Visual narratives and questions are presented through modern dance, live electronic music, video mapping, and spoken word. Audience seating is limited because this performance migrates through the historical JC Lauber Building. Directed and choreographed by Hannah Fischer, the show was created in collaboration with the dancers (Anna Greenawalt, Chloe Ilene, Joanna Whitmyer, Lisa Hayes, Nick Dolezal), the composer (Patrick Quigley), the lighting designer (Johan Godwalt), video editor (Alyssa Neece), live media designer (Eric Souther), and costume designer (Jennifer Stevens). 


When We Were There is an evening-length dance theater concert, complete with a live, original soundtrack and live video feedback. The core of the concert explores memory, specifically the ways in which we re-experience and embody memories. We explored the varying ways memory lives in the body and how the nature of the memory affects the body accordingly. When We Were There premiered in December 2014 and proceeded to have a 4-show run, included acceptance into the St. Lou Fringe Festival in St. Louis, MO. 



Presented by Fischer Dance in collaboration with The Birdsell Project, Works In Progress aims to connect our community through a series of mixer-turned-dance-parties. Activate your community through new conversations, new connections, and the dance floor. 

Art is activism. Engage with South Bend's vibrant community of artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, thinkers, and movers from all walks of life.